We use advanced technology to transform businesses to be more energy efficient, reduce their power costs and decrease their impact on the environment.

Our purpose

We drive efficiency through technology, saving money and the environment.

How we achieve this

We pursue the latest technology and generously share our expert knowledge to solve complex problems.


It’s all about the little things.

Atoms are small. But they’re powerful and come together to form the world as we know it.

At Atom Power, we see the power and value of seemingly small things because we know the impact they can make.

It’s all the little things we do for businesses that accumulate into big power savings that significantly impact the bottom line.

Seth Atkinson

Seth started in the family business as an electrician and enjoyed up-selling so much he shifted to a sales career.

Sales has taken Seth around Australia and the world, from junior positions up to branch manager and sales manager for global businesses.

But Seth’s passion has always lied in small businesses—a passion that pushed him to purchase his own in 2014.
Atom Power has grown and expanded since then, merging with Eco Efficient House to focus on energy efficiency products.

Atom Power combines Seth’s passion and expertise in small business, energy and smart technology—especially the ones that save energy.

Seth enjoys a full family life with his wife and four children.

Erwan Desbrueres

Born in France, Erwan travelled to Australia to complete his Bachelor of Business from Queensland University of Technology.

With electricity prices sky-rocketing year-on-year, Erwan started Eco Efficient House to help businesses and families combat the rise.

Erwan is a passionate advocate for understanding energy use—not passively receiving the bill and paying it.

Energy use has always been an integral part of Erwan’s life: From the age of 16, he worked as a cabling assistant building switchboards every summer.

Today, he helps his customers to be aware, responsive and in control of their energy use.

On weekends, you’ll find Erwan on the fairway enjoying a round of golf.

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