We partner with businesses to understand their energy use and experience the benefits of greater efficiency.

Businesses can significantly lower their energy costs, reduce their impact on the environment and boost their reputation.

Energy audit

Good decisions begin with a good knowledge base. An energy audit will show you where the greatest potential savings lie.

Power factor correction

Not all of the energy you pay for powers your business. We’ll work with you to minimise the waste so you stop paying for it.

LED upgrade

Keeping the lights on doesn’t have to cost you premium. Upgrading to LED fixtures can mean big savings in the long run.

At Atom Power, we help businesses to boost their energy efficiency and their bottom line.

It all starts with an audit of how you’re using energy now. We’ll give you a comprehensive report that’s tailored to your business and lists clear actions in order of priority and impact.

Our consultants will walk you through your journey to better energy—good for the planet and your pocket.

Partners and associations

Start your journey to greater efficiency