Lighting Design & Control – Brisbane & Surrounds

Did you know that with the right lighting, you can enhance your employees’ comfort and productivity, save big on maintenance, and save as much as 90% on energy usage compared to traditional bulbs?

All it takes is the right planning and products.

Which is where Atom Power comes in.


Custom Solutions

At Atom Power, our Brisbane-based electricians create custom lighting and control plans to suit your space and needs. With a focus on optimal illumination, ambience, safety, and efficiency, we help you enjoy the benefits of lighting design and control.

Why Lighting?

By ensuring each space in your premises is always appropriately and optimally lit, lighting design and control helps you boost employee productivity and customer impressions, and save money by avoiding wasting power on unnecessary lighting.

At Atom Power, we also help you take these benefits a step further by recommending and installing LED lights. These lights are energy efficient and can come with a 7 year warranty, giving you maximum cost efficiency – including zero maintenance costs for 7 years!


The Process

Our electricians take the time to understand your needs so we can provide customised lighting advice and planning. Because no two premises are alike, we work with several trusted brands (including Lumex, Phillips, and Dynalite) to give you the lighting you need.


Contact Us Today

Whether you operate in an office, a warehouse, or anything in between, we can assist you with lighting design and control.

Brisbane’s where we’re based, but we’re happy to come to you across south-east Queensland.

To discuss your business’s lighting needs or to arrange a quote, call us today on 1300 922 883 or email


Our Brisbane-based electricians can help you with lighting in any of the following areas:
• Office buildings
• Warehouses and Work Areas
• Art Displays
• Signage
• Restaurants
• Pubs and Clubs
• Show Rooms
• Retail Spaces
• Gardens and Parks
• Sports Fields
• Car Parks and Driveways
• Safety and Security Lighting
• Domestic Lighting
We work with businesses across the greater Brisbane and south-east Queensland area, including the key industrial areas of Carole Park, Coolum, Crestmead, Dalby, Laidley, Lytton, Nandroya, Narangba, the Sunshine Coast, the Gold Coast, Warwick, and Yandina.
To learn more, contact Atom Power today on 1300 922 883.[/vc_column_text][/vc_column]

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