02 May How to Save Money & Power With Home Energy Monitoring

How to Save Money & Power With Home Energy Monitoring

Electricity prices keep rising, and it’s unlikely they’re going to stop.

As such, it pays to invest in smart ways to cut your power use around your home so you can save energy and money.

Unless you’ve been living under a rock, you probably understand the importance of choosing energy efficient devices and appliances for your home.

You’ll also know that small lifestyle changes – like putting off washing clothes or dishes until you can fully fill your washing machine or dishwasher – can also lead to energy savings.

But a more recent and exciting development in the world of saving power is real-time home energy monitoring.

What is Home Energy Monitoring?

They say that information is power, and that’s certainly the underlying principle of home energy monitoring.

Home energy monitoring gives you up-to-date, real-time data on how you and your household are using electricity (and gas and water) – even when you’re not home.

Armed with this information, you’re then empowered to make smarter choices about energy use around your home so you can save money and maximise your home’s efficiency.

How Does it Work?

To get started with home energy monitoring, you need to install an appropriate home energy monitor and associated energy management equipment. (for domestic home’s we recommend a product called Smappee , sold by our friends at  “eco-efficienthouse“)

Information about your power consumption will then be available via an app on your phone whenever you’re connected to the internet, giving you real-time data and control wherever you are.

The app lets you monitor your heating, cooling, lighting and other electricity-related tasks.

But that’s only the half of it.

You can also use home energy monitoring to control your appliances and power use remotely.

This not only helps you to cut your energy costs – it also lets you more accurately track how different appliances and processes affect your home’s overall power consumption.

If desired, you can also use your home energy monitoring to automate certain energy-saving processes. For example, you could set parameters that ensure that when you get less than X amount of energy from your solar panels, your dryer won’t run.

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