02 Sep Who Are Atom Power?

Who Are Atom Power?

We could tell you that Atom Power is a North Brisbane-based electrical company with a team of qualified and experienced electricians who provide a range of electrical services to businesses across the greater Brisbane area.

After all, that is true.

But descriptions like that are rather dull and dry, and no one really wants to read a “we were founded in this year” and “we like to use big words to make ourselves sound important” company bio, right?

If you feel the same way as we do about company bios, then this blog post is for you.

Because in this post, we’ve decided to avoid the usual clichés, and instead provide a bit of a deeper look into what we’re all about.

All About Basic Saving

At Atom Power, we’re all about savings: saving power, saving money, and (as a bonus) saving the environment.

The secret to saving power is efficiency. Whether this means correcting your business’s power factor, revising and replacing your lighting, or something else, we love the challenge of designing a tailored solution for you.

Saving power helps you save money, but we don’t stop there. Instead, we also search for other ways to help you save money in your business, from choosing longer-lasting products, to reducing electrical maintenance requirements, and everything in between.

Sustainability and efficiency save you money and they save you power. But they also help save the environment, without forcing you to choose between results for your business and the planet’s welfare. We believe you can always find a way to enjoy this win-win outcome.

Automate or Perish

Although we concentrate on electrical services for businesses, we do make an exception for one residential service we just love: smart home automation.

The current trend in technology is towards interconnectivity. Everything is becoming smart and connected – and that can include your home.

With smart home automation, you can automate individual rooms – for example, taking your media room from 15 remotes to one iPad that even controls the lighting, or you can automate and connect your entire home, from lights to alarms to everything else, all controlled via your tablet or phone.

We love embracing new technology and opportunities, so smart home automation is right up our alley. It also fits with our savings values, because it saves you time and hassle. Plus, it brings some fun into your home environment. And who wouldn’t want that?

The Boring (But Important) Stuff

Compliance and safety can be a little boring, but they’re also incredibly important, so at Atom Power, we take both very seriously.

Our electricians take a thorough approach to compliance and safety, ensuring that your emergency lighting, safety switches, smoke alarms, and other electrical systems and devices conform to the appropriate standards. We also ensure that any products we work with conform to the relevant Australian Standards, so you can be confident that you, your employees, and your clients are safe.

Drop Us a Line

If what we’ve described sounds like a good fit for your company or business, we’d love to chat about how we can help you. Drop us a line via the contact form, or give us a call on 1300 922 883.

We look forward to helping you save power and money with sustainable, smart, and efficient electrical solutions!